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Trance Dance

I saw a woman jump into a fire and not get burnt. She had been dancing in a trance for hours in a packed hut. The fire was blazing. She was gone, in a dream of some kind. That was in Africa and I was fifteen years old. Since then I've learned anyone can do it.

Nearly fifty years later I'm teaching fire-walking for fun. Last year kids were doing it. The grown-ups had huddled together waiting to see who would go first. It was an eight-year-old with a big proud grin on his face. The other kids, from four to fourteen, quickly followed. Eventually one or two adults stepped across the coals. My gods you should see their faces. There is nothing in this entire life-world like the overcoming of fear.

When I was a young man, a soldier, I wanted a glorious death...but not enough, clearly. It was in my thirties, on leaving the army, I realised it wasn't going to happen. Then found myself wanting a glorious life. At first it was riches and success, health and happiness. Later it became success, health and happiness. Then health and happiness. Actually, happiness is for me the best result. I have it. I live the life I designed, doing what I want to do, being where I want to be, with who I want to be with. I just had to want it enough.

What's the connection?
I think the answer is trance. I just spent a week training with Paul McKenna, learning about the power of trance. New ways of learning ancient miracles.

Life is so cool! You go into a dream and make it come true.

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