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Kris Deva North,
Mantak Chia co-author and founder of Universal Healing Tao UK & Chi Nei Tsang Institute London 1992.


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Kris Deva North Bio

Taoist shaman taoist medicine wheel tao of the shaman
Taoist Medicine Wheel - Tao of the Shaman 1

adult fiction, erotic romance, betrayal, deception, love, sex

Taoist Shamanism London training

A Four Days Annual Workshop with Kris Deva North, Mantak Chi co-author of Taoist Shaman - Practices From The Wheel Of Life, and Anamarta Shamanic practices has been part of their whole life, with combined experience of nearly 40 years of teaching and healing, check more about them when you scroll down.

Revealing concepts and practices of Taoist Shamanic Healing, ideal both for Beginners and for more experienced shamanic Practitioners of other Traditions.

Friday 23rd to Monday 26th February 2018 - 10.30am to 5pm (Saturday from 10am to 4.30pm). @ Kentish Town, London NW5 3AA

All Welcome! There are NO PRE-REQUISITES for this workshop. Places Are Limited.

"Secrets of Taoist Shamanic Healing workshop was another step forward in my life, a great and favorable experience. Kris and Anamarta were really good shamanic guides and teachers. Here, I reaffirmed that I have a really good intuition overall, I learnt more about my inner self and tools to protect it." Totally recommended! Elena Alvarez


Communing with Spirit
Journey through the Inner Eye, Heaven's Garden, Moon Gates, Steps and Chambers.

Guides Totems and Animals
Taoist Medicine Wheel, relationships to other traditions

Space Clearing and Cleansing
Personal, General and Specific

Shamanic Tools & Uses
Intuition, dreams, prayer and ceremony, hands, wand, bowl, drum, fan, incense, sage, water, herbs

Crystal Seminar
exploring the stone people, ancient allies and healing tools of the shaman

Shamanic Techniques
Intention, visualisation, communing with others; drilling, cutting, separating

Seeing, sensing, feeling, healing

Aura, energy field, anatomy, meridians and points

Adapting other traditions
Hawaiian Calabash of Light; Native American medicine cards

Evaluation, application

Daily practice on this workshop includes the 'Hands of Light' (Cosmic Chi Kung) exercises to develop sensitivity to etheric fields and enhance healing power. See demonstration videos below.

Reading resource for this workshop is Taoist Medicine Wheel - Tao of the Shaman 1 by Kris Deva North

This workshop is pre-requisite for Step 5, Tao of the Shaman
You can continue with Taoist Shamanic Training by going on through Steps 4 and 5 (Steps 1 to 3 pre-requisite).

About Kris Deva North and Anamarta:

Dancing in their drum-circles he witnessed the fire-bath, where adepts fell in flames and were unharmed. His experiences living with Kali-worshippers of Nepal; travelling with a Thai Buddhist monk; satsang with Shiva Saddhus in the Himalaya, Shamans of Africa, North America and Hawaii, and Aboriginal men of high degree in Australia; darshan with the Dalai Lama; witnessing last rites in Varanasi and puja with the Brahmins of Pushkar; and practising taoist, tantric and shamanic meditations and teachings on death, life and beyond, in jungle, mountains, city, beach and desert.

Anamarta at an early age became aware of the subtle energies and her own ability to commune with Spirit. Her grandmother initiated her into the family lineage of Medicine Women. Shamanic practices and ceremony has been part of her life through her grandmother, and still have a big influence on her Jade Circle® work with women. Nowadays, impelled by her free spirit, Anamarta travels from the Indian desert to Hawaiian beaches, from Irish Celtic to South American shamanic lodges, embracing with gratitude the opportunities to share, and to learn tribal and ancient rituals from women of different cultures across the world.

The Shamanic Healing is part of their daily life. And both keep travelling the world deepening their practice. Recently they had a revealing and life changing shamanic journey in the remote areas of Mongolia.

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