Sexual practices have been studied for centuries in both East and West.  Chinese and Japanese traditions combined the study of sex with medicine:   certain pressure-points and meridians were found to stimulate and sustain sexual desire.

 Everybody wants to please their partner - and to please himself or herself, whether or not with a partner.   Woman, Man, straight, gay, bi or solo, wouldn’t we all like to be a better lover?  The act itself is natural - you know what to do.  It is the moments leading up to the act, which can make it more or less pleasurable. Women fear insensitivity.  Men fear inability to perform.  Both fear rejection.

 Knowing the psycho-sensual effects of certain pressure points helps you become a better lover, however good you are already.  You may have already discovered some of these for yourself, quite by chance.

 Love Sex and Touch

Using the secrets of these points and channels makes for longer and more pleasurable experiences.  Peak moments can be prolonged beyond bliss, into ecstasy.

 Like cooking a Chinese meal, preparation is the key.  By using the secret ingredients of love-shiatsu, or tantric massage, to harmonise different cycles of arousal, you can bring things along or delay where appropriate: sustain the intensity of first-love though all the seasons of maturing relationship, to avoid energy-loss and maintain good sexual health.

 Many who have taken a little time to learn the Tantric Secrets of Love have discovered a pleasurable sensual practice, wonderful for enhancing relationship. You may have in mind a special person to surprise and delight, a new partner to impress, or to refresh your relationship with a long-loved friend or lover.

Tao of Tantra 1

Tantric Secrets of Love

kris deva north and dakini anamarta facilitate taoist tantra couples tantric training london

DO YOU KNOW your partner’s most potent arousal point?

CAN YOU TELL the strength of his/her libido?

 DO YOU WANT  to know secrets of pleasure - giving and receiving?

 DO YOU BELIEVE  that however good you are already – you can be a more effective lover?

 WOULD YOU LIKE  to spend two days of sensual delight exploring how Pleasure can open the door to Bliss on the path to Ecstasy and, ultimately, connection with Spirit?

"Tantra 1 was a wonderful experience. What a valentines gift!! A beautiful intimate weekend with fun, deep time to reconnect with my loved one, looking forward to the next one." S.D. & L.P.


What is Tantra and how it can help with relationship.
Overview of tantric traditions: Indian, Tibetan,Taoist.
Energy Centres/Chakras as Gateways to Spirit

Qigong (Chi Kung) for Couples
Sexercises to warm up and cool down.

Prelude to Intimacy: The Art of Tantric Touch
Magic Buttons and how to press them.

Intimate Tantric Massage
The Whole Body
The Nine Flowers

"We would like to thank you both again for the wonderful weekend we had - we really didn't want to leave! Tao Tantra 1 was great for the foundation of tantric practice." J.G. & J.

Pre-requisite: being a couple who have completed Foundations Steps 1 and 2 together.!
Couples work/play only with their own partner
Please bring: big fluffy towel; sarong/lunghi/kikoi; rug/blanket/sheepskin; open mind

"Our objective of reconnecting and spending some quality time together was successfully met. We both feel we came away more intimate & loving towards each other with some great new tools/ exercises that we are able to work into our relationship.(...)the chi kung for couples has become part of our morning courtship!(...)It was a pleasure to be led by a couple who were genuinely benefiting from the exercises themselves as well as embodying the Way."C.C. & J.H.

 Learn more about Taoist Tantric Massage in Taoist Foreplay: Shiatsu Secrets for Love’ co-authored by Taoist Master Mantak Chia & Kris Deva North

"I would like to thank you for the loving intimacy that you expressed this weekend as a couple which contributed a great deal to the quality of love that was reflected in the ease of participants in what was a very warm and heartful group energy." K.W. & J.

 Workshop Facilitators: Kris Deva North & Anamarta

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...and when you have enjoyed this first step on this Taoist tantric path you may like to explore together Tao of Tantra Part 2...and beyond.

"I really enjoyed the heightened intimacy my partner and I now share as a result of the practices we learned on Tantra 1 & 2. We enjoyed every minute of discovering each other in a completely new and exciting ways on these courses." L.P. & S.D.

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Chi Kung for couples in Mind Body Spirit Festival

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