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Kris Deva North,
Mantak Chia co-author and founder of Universal Healing Tao UK & Chi Nei Tsang Institute London 1992.


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Taoist shaman taoist medicine wheel tao of the shaman
Taoist Medicine Wheel - Tao of the Shaman 1

adult fiction, erotic romance, betrayal, deception, love, sex

Tao of the Shaman - Shamanic Taoism - Taoist Shamanism


Taoist Shaman

Step 5 runs alternate years with Step 8

You can become a far more effective human being. The ancients of all cultures seemed to know how. Much of what they knew has filtered down the ages to us. We can use it. We can keep their ideas alive, not so much by ritual and ceremony as by using them in modern life. They knew about power. They knew how to win. And sometimes to accept loss with grace. They are worth your attention. Learn them. Enter your power.

The shaman rides into the sky, the celestial realms of beyond, and down beneath the roots, and at human level the conscious plane.

The Taoist lives on although the bone-spirits try drawing herim down, back to the earth, whence they came. They are three and strong, but not as strong as the seven of heaven who want life and eternity.

So the underworld journeys are rare and different, for the shaman guards against the bone spirits.


"According to the Taoist Canon a group of Aryans were shipwrecked on the China shore thousands of years ago. They did not die, nor have children, and became known as the Shining Ones. They taught shamanic practices, including the protective circle, calling the elements, ecstatic journeying and flight, power animals and tutelary deities or guides.

"With the rise of Buddhism shamans were persecuted, like witches in the west. They continued their practices in secret, without the use of drums, rattles, robes or other articles of the craft to identify themselves. The saying goes ‘you cannot tell a sage by his clothes.’ They were also known as magicians, wizards and sorcerers.

"Magic is like religion. It can be of great benefit, or cause great harm. In Taoist magic as in the Tao, there is no judgement - we are all responsible for ourselves. As long as you do not harm another being, you are free to do what you want."     Source: Interview (click to see) with Mantak Chia Positive Health Magazine December 1998

Some of the old shamanic arts flourish today under the shield of Chinese Medicine, most practitioners unaware of the magical connections.

As the Circle to Heaven, the Square is to Earth

The Bell is to Heaven, as the Gong is to Earth

Fire is to Heaven as Water to Earth

The Directions are of the Unborn


The Shaman is the Healer in the community, who intermediates with Spirit, who takes into herimself the energies, to heal and to seal. The Taoist Shaman is Healer and Warrior, known to heris community, unknown in the Outer World.

Through Initiation the Shaman learns the power of Spirit, using it to understand the illusion of fear and physical limitations of discomfort and fatigue.

Overcoming obstacles the Initiate gains knowledge of herimself and learns secrets of heriscraft.

Initiation into The Tao of the Shaman:

Journey on Earth

Vision Quest

Journeys through the Lower World

Journeys through Heaven - climbing the Tree of Ecstasy into ecstatic flight

Learning the Invisible Tools

after the Ordeal of Initiation the Shaman is reborn to take heris place in the Community and returns to the Outer World

Required reading for the Taoist Shaman Retreat

Taoist Medicine Wheel Tao of the Shaman Part 1
North K D

Suggested additional reading for the Taoist Shaman Retreat

Opening the Dragon Gate, Making of a Taoist Wizard, tr Cleary

Magic Shamanism Taoism R Herne

Taoism Eva Wong

The Way of Wyrd Brian Bates

Cosmic Healing 1 M Chia

Chi Nei Tsang 1 M.Chia.

Worthwhile further reading following Initiation

Taoist Meditation, I Robinet

Cosmic Healing 2 M Chia

Chi Nei Tsang 2 M.Chia.

The Education of Little Tree, F. Carter

Voices of the First Day, R Lawlor

Journey to Ixtlan, C Castenada

Shambala Sacred Path of the Warrior, C Trungpa

Shamanism. M.Eliade.

Green Witchcraft, Aoumiel

Dancing Shadows. Aoumiel.

Awakening Osiris, N Ellis

Lightningbolt, H Storm

Practical Magic, the Northern Tradition, N Pennick

Harry Potter,

4 Books by Jean M Auel

The Alchemist, P Coelho

In Search of the Miraculous, P D Ouspensky

Awaken Healing Light, M&M Chia

Nourishing Destiny, L. Jarrett

What are you looking for?

What is a Shaman? Why do you choose this path?

In the Tao of the Shaman, the path of the Healing Warrior, you step further into the universe beyond the visible. With esoteric knowledge bringing full awareness of your inner power, you may see but never describe yourself as a Taoist Shaman.

Here are the requirements and pre-requisites for training in the Tao of the Shaman.

It is deep Taoist practice informed by extraordinary experience. You will select yourself with your commitment and dedication - re-arrangement of priorities might be necessary.

Please don't come out of curiosity.

Pre-requisite Courses for the Tao of the Shaman

Foundations Step 1

Foundations Step 2 (Healing Love)

Foundations Step 3 Fusion of the Five Elements

Foundations 4 Introduction to Taoist Shamanism

Tai Chi Training Camp participate at any stage of your training

Taoist Shamanic Healing participate at any stage of your training

Pre-requisite Courses to qualify for the Tao of the Shaman should be completed in above sequence except Tai Chi Summer Training Camp, and Taoist Shamanic Healing which can be done anywhere in the sequence.
Its never too soon to start!

Additional Pre-Requirements for the Tao of the Shaman:

Basic understanding of the "Hands of Light' or Cosmic Chi Kung exercises as taught at the London Tao Centre

To be familiar with the content of the Required reading (above.)

To know the basics of the Tai Chi form as taught at the London Tao Centre

Registration is after completing the pre-requisites and pre-requirements. When you register you will be given a Task to complete. On completion of the Task and a 400-word Task report you will be told a time and place to meet

Wear warm and waterproof clothing including hat/cap/hood, wellies/gumboots/walking-boots

Carry stout stick/walking-stick, waterproof cape/groundsheet/tarp, blanket/travel-rug, small overnight rucksack containing bottled water, toilet-paper, knife, string, candle, torch, matches/lighter, spare socks

Bring a separate backpack with: change of clothing including more spare socks, trainers/shoes, sleeping-bag, blanket, sheepskin/rug, thick towel, sarong/lunghi/kikoi, anti-distraction blindfold, note-book, pen/pencil, knife, fork, spoon, plastic/metal plate/bowl, plastic/metal mug

Compose one song, one poem, one story, one opinion on what is a shaman, one reason for wanting to follow this Way.

Leave behind: mobile phones, inhibitions

Be ready to be self-sufficient and to spend time alone, silent and without support.


After completing Step 5 you can start your Learning to Teach the Tao.


Taoist Shaman Retreat

3 days 2 nights residential

Venue notified after Task *

Click for for dates and prices

Steps 1 to 4 plus
Taoist Shamanic Healing
Tai Chi Summer Training Camp

+ Reading

+ Completion of a Task + Task Report * (agreed on registration. The venue is notified to participants on completion)