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Practitioners, Teachers, Trainers and Master-Trainers offer private treatments
in Taoist Training, Taoist Healing, Tai Chi, Qigong

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Consultation/Treatment Fees will vary from practitioner to practitioner according to their experience and qualifications, their location, whether they offer visiting or clinic-based treatments, and of course their modality:

Chi Nei Tsang As a very approximate guide, the fee for a Chi Nei Tsang treatment of about one hour can range from around £60 to £175

Qigong Qigong (QG) is included in Tai Chi classes and also as separate classes/courses. Please enquire beforehand. Rates vary according to the location and experience of each Teacher, usually from £7 to £10 per hour, or for private teaching £75 to £175 in London, less outside.

Wondering what all the initials mean? There's a 'Legend' at the foot of the list so please, scroll on down

Combined Register for Taoist Healing, Tai Chi, Qigong
practitioners, teachers and trainers

Qualification Initials are explained in the Legend table at the bottom of the page.

Kris Deva North TMT TCM QGM CNT(ST) CH(ST) NLP(T) 07000781195 Corporate and Private Consultations
Anamarta TMT TCT CH QGT NLP(P) email Jade Circle Anamarta


Bernadette Carelse CNT1 CH 07742585544 Hackney
Matt Lewis TT CNT1 CH 07949602216 Hackney


Alexander West CNT1 CH QG3 07914411263 Forest Hill
Barnaby Cole TC3 07985244018 Forest Hill
Michael Cullingworth CNT1 07766566497 New Cross


Katinka Haycroft CNT1 02077339227 Brixton
Ian Ayre CH 07787564881 Putney & Visiting


Cristian Cutrichi TC2 07425145783 W2


Jezney Luke Hollis QG2 TBN Kentish Town
Sasha Natalia Hollis QG2 07530252789 Kentish Town
Sivani Mata Francis QG1 07734593284 Kensal Rise
Nikki Brewster QG1 07931387391 Kensal Rise
Diana Baynes TC1 QG2 07905537014 Kentish Town
Toks Beverley Coker CH 07973210107 St Johns Wood


Sanja Sulj CNT1 TC2 07939078997 Islington


Nicholas Hall CH 07976328997 Berks Wargrave
Carol Zeal TC1 07793583615 Devon, Ashburton
Paul Zeal TC1 07793583615 Devon, Ashburton
Marta Eleniak QG1 07508544024 Dorset, Bournemouth
Sahassa Lewis CNT1 07587084125 Essex, Ilford
William Edwards CNT1 07906914071 Kent, Canterbury
Valerie Nangle TC1 07887513988 Middlesex, Enfield
Jennifer Surch NLP(P) 07870198206 Middlesex, Northwood Hills
Bill Jones CH 07831593088 Oxfordshire Abingdon
Alex Cavey QG2 07763307809 Oxfordshire Oxford
Liz Kendall CNT1 TC QG3 07944872332 Surrey Cobham
Denise Nero CNT1 QG1 07973533656 Surrey Morden
Megan Stuart CH 01273684939 Sussex Brighton


Jennifer McCarthy TC1 01234766144 Beds, Wootton
Vincenzo Votta QG3 07787588970 Cambridge
Martyn Chilvers CNT1 07762878177 Leics Shepshed
Nick Stark CNT1 CH 01522800571 Lincs Bourne
Rachel Bavin CH 01522887966 Lincs Lincoln
Sue Hix CNT1 CH 07949835426 Lincs Stamford


Chris McDermott QG2 07411755101 Manchester Levenshulme
Ann Leese QG1 07718067968 Matlock, Derbyshire
Alexander Edgar TC1 07763192788 W. Yorkshire Leeds


Tanya McCormack TT CH 07944856253 Denbighshire
Samara Hawthorn CNT1 TC3 CH QG3 07909550660 Pembrokeshire


Alexandra Mann TC1 07879323546 Forres
Ania Zwozdiak CNT1 CH 07802175101 Ardfern, Argyll


Steve Romeril CH 077977 27435 Jersey St Helier


Ciara Mulvey QG2 00353877498202 Dublin
Emer Mullarkey QG2 tbn Dublin
Paul Grant TC2 CH QG3 00353871827568 Bettystown


Liz Peart Davitt CNT1 +61468436506 Australia: Gymea NSW
Zoe Braithwaite CH (61)(0)244397478 Australia: Sydney
Kim Knight CNT1 006421410633 New Zealand: Auckland
Rosie Goodman CNT1 006433889785 New Zealand: Christchurch
Peter Littlejohn Cook QG2 00351918476523 Portugal: Sintra (Lisbon)
Zo Hoka CH 0027762733865 South Africa, Cape Town
Anel Mostert QG2 0027832445544 South Africa, Western Cape, Greyton,
Karin Sorvik CNT(T) tbn Travelling


TMT Taoist Master-Trainer: teaching all levels and can certify Trainers
TT Taoist Trainer: Certified to teach Foundations Steps 1 to 3
TCM Tai Chi Master-Trainer: Authorised to Assess and Certify Tai Chi Trainers
TCT Tai Chi Trainer: Authorised to Train, Assess and Certify Tai Chi Instructors
TC3 Tai Chi Advanced Instructor: Authorised to Teach Advanced Tai Chi, to Assess Students and issue Student Advanced Certificates
TC2 Tai Chi Intermediate Instructor: Authorised to Teach Intermediate Tai Chi, issue Student Intermediate Certificates of Competence
TC1 Tai Chi Junior Instructor: Authorised to Teach Basic Tai Chi, issue Student Certificates of Attendance
QGM Qigong Master Authorised to Assess and Certify Qigong Trainers
QGT Qigong Trainer: Authorised to Train, Assess and Certify Qigong Instructors Levels 1, 2, 3, and S.
QGS Qigong Senior Instructor: Authorised to Teach Healing Qigong, Martial Qigong.
QG3 Qigong Advanced Instructor: Authorised to Teach Teach 5-Elements, 12-Totems, and Nei Kung
QG2 Qigong Intermediate Instructor: Authorised to Teach Iron Shirt
QG1 Qigong Junior Instructor: Authorised to Teach Eight Pieces of Brocade
Chi Nei Tsang
CNT(ST) Senior Teacher
CNT(T) Teacher
CNT Certified Practitioner, Level 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
QiGong Healing Therapy/Cosmic Healing/Taoist Colour Healing
CH(T) Teacher
CH Practitioner therapist