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Love and Sex, Fire and Water, Yin and Yang:

following Step 3

I had no idea when I sat down for the closing meditation what would come. The theme was "Formulas for the Mundane Dimension". As always and in everything I trusted the Tao and waited for Spirit.

I wanted to speak to you, from my heart to your heart. Up to now, I had spoken to the group.

And then my heart opened and the words of love flowed, the unconditional love which allows giving without demanding a receipt, and receiving without transaction. Is not this a formula for true love, in all its ways - compassion and passion, adoration and lust, delight and desire, ecstasy and pleasure? and as many more as you have known or can think of?

You can find yourself in love as easily as lose yourself in love.
The safety is in the surrender, rather than hiding.
Surrender to what? to others' ideas of what should be, what you should be?
No. Surrender to yourself, to your inner nature, your truth, your beauty.
Your Self.

Do you need to give? Then give. You don't have to wait for a receiver who can accept all you have to give. Just give. With all your heart, or as much of it as you want.

Do you need to receive? Then receive. You don't have to wait for a giver who measures out your precise dosage: receive what is given, let the excess overflow and cry not if its too little.

Be yourself, and live and die, being yourself '...and all the rumours of the hard and cold, let us now value at a pennysworth. Suns when they set can rise again....'

Yang rises and falls, as does Yin in harmony. It is how you see it - harmony or opposition. Your heart stops with every beat, so it may beat again; your lung stops with every breath, so it may breathe again. In the spaces between the beats and the breaths, life happens: only the void is constant, the empty force, the greatest in the universe, what Albert Einstein called, Love.

I asked you to understand yourself, the fears arising from past experience which you can leave behind you and go on in freedom, to be yourself, as you are, in all your shining beauty.

Is it so easy?
how hard do you want to make it?
How long does it take?
How much practice do you need?
Do you need to meditate every day on what caused you pain?
Do you need to use that cause and that pain as a reference for present and future experience?
How then can you experience the present and future without pain?
What kind of practice did you have in mind?

Be yourself.

Formula for fulfilment:

Each day do something good
Something for yourself
Something for another person
Something for your community

Formula for each day: ask yourself, every day:

Am I doing what I truly want to do?
Am I being where I truly want to be?
Am I with whom I truly want to be with?

And if you score less than 2 out of 3 - do something, to be yourself.

Formula for living; Be yourself and live

As intensely as if running with your hair on fire
Or stroll through life supremely at leisure
Or as you feel
In the moment
In the spaces between
In the void
In Love

Aloha Mahalo, Mahalo Aloha
I love you, thank you, thank you, I love you.

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