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Alternative Health? is it really an alternative?

Walk up the High Street or watch the telly and its all about illness and how to get over it: this drug, that treatment. The biggest company on earth was a drugs company.

Could we get over the illness thing and be healthy? I mean as a thing, something to be.

Instead of talking about "my asthma" for example, how about "my goodness me I do feel so well today." Or is it not all in the mind?

Where does it start? If you want to be a doctor they start you on dead people. If you want to be a patient?

A doctor friend told me that in 7 years of training he spent one afternoon on nutrition.

Four years ago I was hospitalised: gallbladder seizure from eating the wrong stuff (yes, entirely avoidable.)

Doctor said I'd been eating the wrong stuff. I should eat, he said, less fried food, cut down on the dairy maybe.

Hospital dinner came round, a choice of chips or roast potatos which hadn't actually been roasted but deep-fried (didn't you know?) Pudding was custard or cheesecake.

When I insisted on discharging myself to go home and eat steamed veg I had to sign a form saying I wouldn't blame them if I got sick.

There was no form for blaming them if I stayed in and got sick from being fed what they told me not to eat.

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