Healing Tao Courses London From Stress to VITALITY NOW! Secrets of Love and Life Mastery for Men and Women Tai Chi Kung Qigong Chi Nei Tsang
A Way of being in the World without being bothered by the World, of connecting with Spirit while keeping grounded on Earth, of coming by the Way of Bliss on the Path to Ecstasy in all dimensions

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Welcome to Taoist Training Courses Chi Nei Tsang Qigong Chi Kung Tai Chi Meditation
Universal Healing Tao System based on the teachings of Taoist Grand Master Mantak Chia
for Holistic Health and Happiness of your Mind Body and Spirit :)

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Kris Deva North,
Mantak Chia co-author and founder of Universal Healing Tao UK & Chi Nei Tsang Institute London 1992.


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Taoist shaman taoist medicine wheel tao of the shaman
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adult fiction, erotic romance, betrayal, deception, love, sex

COMING UP, COME ON BY! and enjoy these great Events

Tai Chi Teacher Training 2018
August 4th to 11th Tai Chi Teacher Training and Upgrading Retreat in Portugal - Places are Limited! Click Here for Details and to Reserve your Place Now!

8th, 9th, 10th September Advanced Jade Circle Workshop - Ancient Secrets for Modern Women pre-requisites Jade Egg Initiation Workshop, Steps 2and 3. With Anamarta. @ 3 Holmes Road, Kentish Town, London NW5 3AA

14th thru 17th September Healing Tao Advanced Practice - Kan & Li Effective Practice, Dynamic Thought, Channel Power with Kris Deva North & Anamarta. @ 3 Holmes Road, Kentish Town, London NW5 3AA

2nd October to 13th November Tai Chi for Everyone! Come and Learn Tai Chi in 7 lessons! Every Tuesday, 7 to 8.30pm Personal Instruction with Kris Deva North! @ Psychosynthesis Trust, 92-94 Tooley Street, London Bridge, SE1 2TH 2nd Floor, Room 23.

27th and 28th October Chi Nei Tsang - Taoist Massage with Kris @ 3 Holmes Road, Kentish Town, London NW5 3AA

24th and 25th November Taoist Inner Alchemy of Yin and Yang - Step 1 Taking the first Step into the Foundations of Taoist Practice. With Kris Deva North and Anamarta @ 3 Holmes Road, Kentish Town, London NW5 3AA

1st and 2nd December Taoist Greater Alchemy of Yin and Yang - Step 2 Taking the second Step into the Foundations of Taoist Practice - Healing Love! With Kris Deva North and Anamarta @ 3 Holmes Road, Kentish Town, London NW5 3AA

Available Now Taoist Tantra, Sexual Secrets for Love including Yin and Yang Dual and Solo Cultivation.

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Sign up for a Taoist Training Course for the first of Nine Steps to the Tao  facilitated by Kris Deva North and Anamarta. Or come on by our regular Tai Chi Training classes. Or simply join a Healing Circle for an hour of reflection and healing intention, to share in Taoist Healing for Self and Others, with Affirmations, Colour Healing, Meditations to return the Memory of Wholeness.
Learn more about Nine Steps Training Courses.
See the Courses Calendar for dates, costs, venues, pre-requisites, links to full info and registration.

Do you REALLY want to be fit?

Body-fit? Mind-fit? Spirit-fit? Energy-fit? Perfect-Fit for purpose as an effective Human Being? For fresh ideas on Stress management, Grounding and Flexibility, backed by over 20 years of experience and 4,000 years of history, Taoist Training fits you to lead the life you want, helped by a warm welcome and expert instruction from our friendly and experienced instructors. click for when, what, how and who

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Anamarta, Jade Circle® Facilitator, Taoist Teacher of Kuan Yin Qigong & Jade Egg Holistic Practice

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Healing Tao Foundations Step 1
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Healing Tao Foundations Step 2
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Healing Tao Foundations Step 3 Fusion
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Tai Chi Training
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Step 4 Introduction to Taoist Shamanism
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Chi Nei Tsang
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Taoist Shamanic Healing
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